>CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) is used in the design process, analysis and evaluation of the product with regard to its functionality, design and fittings. It may review them thereby drastically reducing the time spent on operational calculations.
 Kingmax's comprehensive Moldflow suite includes Flow, Cool, Warp and 3D modules to effectively mitigate the risk of encountering manufacturing challenges and provide a fully optimised and cost efficient solution.
 Our Moldflow analysis is successfully carried out using a multidisciplinary team which includes our mould designer, toolmakers, moulding engineer and Moldflow™ analyst.
Along with 10 years of Moldflow use, we continue to expand our experience and competence using a closed loop, continuous improvement approach. Through consistent feedback from mould trials we continue to improve the quality and accuracy of our Moldflow analysis.
 Kingmax's Moldflow analysis yields a number of advantages to provide robust and innovative designs:
 Optimisation of cooling circuit layout, runner balance and gate position
Identifies gas traps, weld lines and core deflection
Minimises warpage.








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